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hey yea sorry for the long break
i havent had to time to post anything, school = a bitch

[16] Beck
[6] Coldplay
[9] Conor Oberst (Bright Eyes)
[5] Dave Grohl
[10] Fall Out Boy
[14] Franz Ferdinand
[10] Hellogoodbye
[14] The Hives
[21] Panic! at the Disco
[8] Red Hot Chili Peppers
[19] The Strokessss
[33] We Are Scientists


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saved 25 & 27.
and: We Are Scientists = ♥
Took 75 if you don't mind? =D
Great job! Might snag some later.
Franz Ferdinand, Panic! At the Disco AND The Strokes? I think I love you!

haha, taking a bunch :]
Thanks for the credit! :)
no prob! those are amazing pictures
I'm gonna take some of the WAS ones, great job! Will credit. Cheers :]
Took a few of Franz and Strokes.

Thanks =D
o0o0o0o0 those are lovely...uhmm iwas wodnering if you had the original for number 79 ?!?

yup, here it is

Image hosting by Photobucket
Taking #22
I love the patd ones great job
The Beck ones (esp #1..heh, loser....) are so wonderful...and the Franz ones are of course lovely gorgeous too. Only took #1, may come back later for more, may not, it's difficult to say, thanks so much!
The Strokes = sex period. So.
I took like seven of them.
And #21.

Coiuld I have the originalsall of The Strokes and 47, pretty please?
you're awesome, saved 73, 75, 84, 89, and 91! will cred.
I took 95 & 96. Thanks a lot!
got the original for 72?
oh and i took 72 and 121

Image hosting by Photobucket
Taking 1, 33, 47, 103, 120, and 128.
Will Credit.
So. I think I totally love you. Like, a lot.
snagging a few, will credit when using... ♥
i love the Franz Ferdinand ones and the Dave Grohl booty pose just makes me laugh :D

反抗 [REVOLT!]
lovely icons by the way
taking 88. will credit
taking 53 and 60. thx!
Get one of the first riff in the Under the Bridge vid for RHCP and I'll love you forever and ever.
We Are Scientists =]!
Taking 140 & 146
Will credit if used =]
took almost all the FOB, PANIC, HELLOGOODBYE, for bases!

thanks for letting them be bases! i will credit you in my icon post using these bases ok?

& you are awesome! ..i have no suggestions since i love all the bands you chose ;)

no prob , no prob lol , i want to have people make them all purrdy

haha thanks!
i'm taking some of the fall out boy, we are scientists, panic at the disco, and hellogoodbye ones for my greatestjournal.

un : heyletsdance
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