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hey yea sorry for the long break
i havent had to time to post anything, school = a bitch

[16] Beck
[6] Coldplay
[9] Conor Oberst (Bright Eyes)
[5] Dave Grohl
[10] Fall Out Boy
[14] Franz Ferdinand
[10] Hellogoodbye
[14] The Hives
[21] Panic! at the Disco
[8] Red Hot Chili Peppers
[19] The Strokessss
[33] We Are Scientists


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the coldplay icons are nice, but really great are the hives icons!
but i think that the best icons its rhcp, maby its wrong...
these are really cool! couldn't help to laugh at the one with Dave Grohl striking a pose, took a few, will credit, thanks.
great work! :]
Awesome! 20 and 21 is what I saved. Thank you!!
Lovely =D

I took #89!
wow. i took almost all the Panic! ones. very very good.
Quick Correction
LOL! haha yea that is true
ooh I love the fall out boy and panic! ones ♥
do you have the original to #41?


12 years ago

Snagging some of the Stokes ones. Julian is teh sex, but you can't forget Fab!
ahhh yes, yes fab is freaking gorgeous, i gotta find some pics of him
You have an awesome taste in music.
You said you just saw HelloGoodbye and Panic! at the disco in concert....
Did you go to the show on February 4th??
I tried to get tickets but it was sold out... and I couldn't find any decent deals =[ ♥

i actually went to the february 5th show in CT
god it was amazing
saved 25 & 27.
and: We Are Scientists = ♥
Took 75 if you don't mind? =D
Great job! Might snag some later.
Franz Ferdinand, Panic! At the Disco AND The Strokes? I think I love you!

haha, taking a bunch :]
Thanks for the credit! :)
no prob! those are amazing pictures
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