stellar_dream (stellar_dream) wrote in stellar_iconz,

[ 19 ] Beatles
[ 4 ] Coldplay
[ 10 ] Conor Oberst (Bright Eyes)
[9 ] Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters)
[ 3] Dominic Monaghan
[ 9] Franz Ferdinand
[20 ] House
[ 6] Incubus
[ 18 ] Interpol
[ 6] Kaiser Chiefs
[ 5 ] Nine Inch Nails - only Trent
[4 ] Rooney
[11 ] The Strokes
[7 ] We Are Scientists
[ 6] Weezer

i beg of you. save it on your own computer and then upload it onto something like photobucket
- ive posted the link to most of the original pictures, but if it isnt up there i probably have it, just ask
- comment if taking any, comments make me very very happy
- these are all feel very free to alter any you want, all i ask is that you throw in a little credit for the base to stellar_iconz  or stellar_dream
- enjoy!

teasers :


iconsCollapse )

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Very nice! Lifted #106. Will credit.
love your icons!
here is an Incubus website that you can get pix off of:

Took 2,3,8,14,18,19 because they were all absolutely awesome. I will credit if I use them which I probably will
hey i'm yasmin, i justed added you on myspace(your profile) i like lj friends too :D

add me :D
Someone's been busy! I love all of the FF, Interpol and Rooney ones! And all of the others too!

Maybe I'll bookmark this page when I need some new icons!
could i get the original full-size pic of number 25 of Conor?that pic is simply beauutiful <3 nonetheless your icons are amazing
Hooray for Rooney love! They are the best!!!! And Robert is just as nice as he is adorable ( I met him!!) These icons are fantastic!
WOW! So many. I'm taking a lot hope thats ok. I think I'm going to take 6 and 7 and 11 through 19. Plus 40. :D
took #41 and 72. Lovely job. will credit.
Nabbed 52 and the first hugh laurie. *hugs*
I think I might alter 52. Will credit! Thanks.
Ahaha, I did not know that Trent Reznor has an indie comb-over. This brings me joy and hilarity. Thanks!
♥ i love them all. definitely took an interpol and a strokes. totally crediting you in my comments too. ♥

going to monitor the comm too. fantastic job and all kinds of amazing fandoms.
Thank you so much! :) Took the John ones, Coldplay and House. Will credit.
Oh man, the last 4 songs on my ipod have been by The Strokes, Weezer, The Beatles, and Bright Eyes.

I'm saving these to memories.
Thanks so much. I love House and Hugh Laurie so I took a couple of those.
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